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Traffic Violations

Experienced Long Island Lawyer Fights Traffic Violation Charges

Aggressive New Hyde Park attorney assists motorists who have been ticketed

Given the hectic pace and heavy congestion to be found on most roads in the New York metropolitan area, it’s not uncommon for drivers to be cited for traffic violations. Often, motorists aren’t sure if they broke one of the rules in the Vehicle and Traffic Code. Other times, they figure it’s easier just to pay the penalty than to fight the allegation. But what may seem easier can also be costly: traffic offenses can trigger fines, license points that increase auto insurance premiums, suspension of driving privileges and even jail time. My firm, Jeffrey D. Herman & Associates, P.C. in New Hyde Park, gives motorists on Long Island and in the five boroughs the knowledge and support they need to assert their rights when they’ve been ticketed. If you’ve been charged with speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless driving, running a red light or some other road misconduct, I’ll fight to reduce or eliminate any penalties that you face.

Proven New York attorney handles citations for speeding and other offenses

Even if you believe that the evidence is stacked against you, I draw on 30 years of experience to challenge police and prosecutors in traffic violation cases that involve:

  • Speeding — It can be easy to exceed the speed limit without even noticing you’re doing it. It’s important to know, however, that sanctions can be particularly harsh if you’re clocked 21 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit. I know that readings can be flawed, so I challenge the charge and press for a fair outcome for clients accused of speeding.
  • Failing to obey a stop sign or red light — Fines of up to $300 and three license points could be applied when a police officer stops you for allegedly running a red light or stop sign. If you’ve been ticketed for this offense, my firm will investigate to determine if the charge was warranted.
  • Prohibited cellphone use — To reduce accidents caused by distracted driving, New York has increased the penalties for drivers using handheld cellphones while operating their vehicles. These cases are often based on subjective evidence from a law enforcement officer who might not have a good view of what actually occurred, so it’s always in your best interest to fight the ticket with the help of a good attorney.
  • License and registration issues — When you’ve been accused of lacking the proper paperwork or authorization to drive on a New York road, my firm will present the relevant information to the court and work to negotiate a fair resolution if necessary.

In a free initial consultation, I can review your situation and assess the likelihood of success if you choose to contest the charges against you.

Skillful advocate challenges allegations of drunk or impaired driving

Most people are aware that the legal intoxication standard for drivers is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent (and it’s even lower for younger drivers and those driving commercial vehicles). A test result at that level or above can subject a motorist to a charge of driving while intoxicated, or DWI. New York also has a driving while ability impaired (DWIA) count, when someone is unable to operate a vehicle safely due to alcohol or drugs, even if the reading does not reach the legal limit. No matter what you’re accused of, my firm will evaluate each fact in your case and work tirelessly to find errors during the law enforcement process. If you face the possibility of extended incarceration because this wasn’t your first offense or the incident caused an injury, I can press for alternatives to jail, such as the installation of an interlock ignition device on your vehicle.

Contact a Long Island traffic violations lawyer for a free initial consultation

Jeffrey D. Herman & Associates, P.C. defends clients on Long Island and in New York’s five boroughs against all types of traffic charges, including DWI allegations and speeding tickets. Please call 516-325-1737 or contact me online to make an appointment for a free consultation at my office in New Hyde Park.

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